Services - Modular Process

MWP Inc. responds to each of our clients’ diverse needs and offer unique advantages. We work with our clients on the floor plans and logistics such as finish materials, colours, mechanical, electrical and fixtures. Then we take those specifications to the plant that we’ve chosen where they are professionally engineered and built by experienced and skilled craftsmen.

The floors, walls, ceiling, insulation, plumbing, roofs and all other components are completed at the plant – up to 80 per cent of the building components are “system built” and it’s all covered by a factory-backed warranty. The time savings also come from the ability to perform foundation construction and other site-bound work simultaneously with the units being constructed on the assembly line.

The completed units are then transported and methodically assembled on site – all under our supervision. Finish work begins immediately, with massive time-savings realized by project managers - without sacrificing build quality. This leads to drastically reduced project delivery to the marketplace.