Services - Modular Construction

We are unique in that we have been doing modular construction for over 15 years and have perfected, through extensive testing, a process to identify advantages as well as potential weak spots in modular construction. This process also addresses the potential problems when we prepare the working drawings, and we collaborate with the manufacturer’s engineering team during their production of shop drawings for the building components.

The old stigma suggesting lower quality finishes or associating ‘modular construction’, ‘pre-fab’, or 'manufactured homes’ with trailer parks is a thing of the past as we’ve proven time and time again.

Modular construction offers a new definition, a new technology of buildings that are in fact ‘manufactured’ but look nothing like trailers. ‘Factory built’ represents all levels of luxury, proving itself adaptable and flexible with a variety of designs. High quality finishes are available in all phases of construction, and interior to exterior finishes.

MWP Inc. has experience in providing modular housing to service high growth areas such as employee housing in worker camps, rental apartments and town homes, seniors’ residences, and hotels.

Advantages of System Built Construction

There are enormous benefits to modular construction over traditional ‘stick build’ construction by employing an accelerated and controlled production method. Although the price of construction for a ‘stick build’ and ‘factory built’ is comparable (at the beginning of each project), the time to complete is where the savings are realized. With modular, you pay up to 80 per cent of the “real” price which is what it costs to build in the factory. This is not vulnerable to market fluctuations – it is a fixed cost, leaving only 20 to 30 per cent vulnerable and for a shorter amount of time - often by 35 - 50 per cent. We save our clients money because the risk of cost overruns and surprises has been virtually eliminated.

Another advantage is Reliable Scheduling since it always occurs within a specific timeframe. You can have your project completed significantly faster; the cost of interim construction financing, such as servicing your loan and insurance costs, is significantly reduced. With ‘stick frame’ or traditional construction, you are waiting up to two years to turn a profit, with ‘speculative’ costs. Building materials, labour, and financing costs have consistently been shown to fluctuate, not to mention the extra time paying for construction management. Shorter construction time reduces holding costs and improves opportunities to secure construction financing and quicker ROI.

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The System Built, Modular process is simple and proponents say the efficiencies are realized by performing work in an enclosed plant in a climate controlled building environment. There are potentially lower labour costs and the construction is not subject to weather-related delays.

This is especially important in areas with a shorter building season. It’s preferable to have your crew and materials indoors where it is warm and dry, than outside freezing - doing potential harm to the delicate components and hurrying with the installation.

Off-site construction provides Valuable Savings since it maximizes labour efforts and quality while minimizing material purchases and waste.

The modular manufacturer becomes the largest subcontractor – significantly reducing the number of trades we need to source, negotiate with and later, oversee on-site. You’re also saving on providing security for the site to watch for theft and vandalism. There is improved job-site safety, since much of the work normally done outdoors, at many stories in the air, is performed inside the factory and then assembled at the site.
Advocates of the system built approach cite green advantages, like reductions in construction waste and the potential for better energy performance, which they attribute to tighter quality control. Factory built construction allows for a tighter, more energy-efficient structure with lower operating costs through better sealing and thorough insulation. The air-tight building envelope is achieved by double sealing panel joints, eliminating costly outside air infiltration and drafts. The principal of ‘economies of scale’ is achieved through modern construction methods, value engineering and volume purchases of building materials by the manufacturers.

MWP Inc. also tout benefits such as reduced noise and less construction-related disruption in the neighborhood surrounding the building site.

In the case of remote lodging, accommodations are comprised of modular buildings that can be easily relocated and repurposed. Each modular building is designed and engineered to be disassembled and are built to withstand the rigors of travel when re-location and re-purposing is required. Your modular building is also extendable so if you anticipate future expansion, or possibly moving to a new site, both tasks can be further accommodated by our design team.

We also provide Non-Combustable alternatives which offer the same unsurpassed speed to market as modular construction, but with a steel and concrete frame, providing strength, durability, and thermal efficiency. These are appropriate for a medium/long term applications and fulfill all non combustible requirements (Fire / Acoustic / Climate Protection).