Services - Development


MWP Inc. delivers professional and innovative developments and development concepts to the marketplace. We will coordinate and steer your project from land acquisition through design, permitting, tender process, and construction, to ongoing operation and management, taking into consideration the needs and characteristics of a specific site.

Leaders in each discipline, consultants, architects and experienced engineers, are enlisted and managed by MWP Inc. to provide strategic help and add technical services on each project. We understand the value in the strength of various consulting firms; we will engage the right person for the appropriate job, property or function.

We also assist our clients in on-site construction co-ordination, management, and quality control / assurance for installation of modular projects.


The focus of any property owner is to achieve the highest and best use for their land or development site. MWP Inc. emphasizes this concept in our approach with community leaders, city officials and planners, and consultants in order to help our clients achieve the most value through cost effective design.

Our clients consistently end up with a logical, exception quality scenario for the best possible design and use for a site or a given project.