Our Process

We are a service provider and technical advisor to the developer community. The Mueller-Warden approach combines the realities of today's economy with sensitivity and innovation to create exciting, yet realistic facilities constructed within time and budget constraints.


Having worked as part of a team on a multitude of projects, we have developed an approach and methodology to benefit our clientele. We present preliminary feasibility studies from which our client chooses the most suitable. Design development of the selected option is coordinated from this stage of the project, allowing our team to prepare the most effective plan to meet development requirements for architectural and structural designs, and mechanical and electrical systems as most beneficial to the life cycle and intended use of the building.

It is our experience that this is the most critical phase of the project and crucial to the overall success of the development.

From there, we utilize our extensive relationships with suppliers and contractors to complete the project whether it is on-site or utilize our close relationships with manufacturers for off-site buildings.

MWP Inc. faces the many challenges of development such as:
  • working with regulatory bodies and jurisdictions having authority; 
  • meeting safety codes;
  • and honouring economic elements such as design versus the developer’s bottom line.

However, our proven approach to balance those factors, time after time, project after project, delivers a final product that meets or exceeds our client’s and the end user’s expectations.