About Mueller-Warden
Projects Inc.

Mueller-Warden Projects Inc. was established over 20 years ago to service the design requirements of the developers’ community, mainly in southern Alberta and throughout Saskatchewan and British Columbia, and most recently exploring ventures in North Dakota. We link our clients up with registered architects to provide customized solutions. During our years of steady growth, the company has evolved into a full service, consulting design firm delivering high quality, cost effective solutions for fast track developments. Our main area of expertise is in the broad range of residential projects from townhouse developments, hospitality (hotels and motels) to multi family apartments, condominiums and seniors’ residences as well as commercial and mixed-use projects.

We believe in establishing strong, long term relationships with our clients and the vast majority of our projects are prepared for an established base of development companies and developers. We facilitate everything from the permits which adhere to local building codes, to land acquisitions and construction - both off-site (modular) to on-site completion.

But what we are most proud of
is that we have perfected - through testing and the successful completion of a number of projects - an innovative process for multi-storey modular, 'system built', housing that is built to last and in numerous ways is superior to traditional construction.

This sets us apart from our competition.

MWP Inc. can provide buildings for the resources, construction, retirement, tourism and domestic building sectors.